After-school Care

We believe it is important that children develop and have a good time at our after-school care.

After school, the children are picked up at school by our pedagogical staff. They ensure that the children are brought safely to daycare. After having a drink together, we offer the children an activity program. We think it is important that children exercise a lot and play outdoors. 

In our after-school care, your son or daughter can play and relax with friends, but also discover new talents and interests. We care about your child and offer them plenty of challenges to develop together with others.

Our BSO is located together with the school in the same building and/or on the same site. Close, familiar and easy. That is pleasant for your child and for you.

There is always something fun to do at the BSO: During the school weeks, themes are worked on at the BSO location. Various activities are offered.

In addition to the planned activities, children can choose an exercise or creative (craft) activity, but of course you can also retreat to a quiet place or just play outside.

Your child will have plenty of space to relax and discover what they like and what they are good at.

Our pedagogical staff create an atmosphere in which children become involved with each other. We teach them to respect each other, to resolve conflicts themselves and to set boundaries.